8 Brands Making Clean Cotton Fashion For Kids

Organic Cotton Clothing For Toddlers & Kids

Cotton is one of the dirtiest crops in the world, yet is also one of the most widely available fabrics for children’s apparel. But it’s not the only option. Organic or otherwise traceable cotton generally comes at a premium worth paying for both for the sake of our little ones and our precious planet. Free of harsh chemicals, waxes and formaldehydes, organic cotton can be softer and gentler on sensitive skin. It requires fewer resources to produce and decomposes naturally in less time than its conventional counterparts. We’ve rounded up 8 of our favorite companies boasting clean cotton for the littlest members of your family.

1. Burt’s Bees Baby

Best For | Organic underwear for kids
Price | $

Readily available online and through third party retailers, Burts Bees Baby offers casual attire from infancy through childhood. Affordable and comfortable, their neutral collection  of soft shades in organic cotton is great for any household that tends toward timeless and whimsical style.


2. H&M Conscious Line

Best For | Organic seasonal knits
Price | $

While fast fashion retailers are often criticized for terrible production practices, they can also be a powerful force for change. H&M’s Conscious Collection offers a wide range of organic cotton basics for children of all ages.


3. Gerber

Best For | Organic onesies
Price | $

Among the most classic staples of any infant wardrobe is the white onesie. Available in short and long sleeved versions, Gerber offers an organic variety of this classic piece. Their onesies are thin, easy to clean, comfortable to layer, and affordable enough to replace if needed.


4. L’ovedbaby

Best For | Organic pajamas
Price | $$

When a thicker, slightly warmer wardrobe is in order L’ovedaby offers a line of simple designs that fit as well as they wear. Available in simple patterns and a wide array of earthy colors, their organic and ethically made clothes have no heavy metals, azo dyes, formaldehyde, or genetically modified organisms.



Best For | Printed play outfits
Price | $$

Childhood demands clothing that is both magical and practical in equal measure. All MORI pieces are made of organic cotton and they are both soft and sustainable. Their quality fabric and soft shades are available in a line of night and daytime essentials.


6. Hanna Andersson

Best For | Bright & colorful organic kids clothing
Price | $$

There are few brands to which parents around the world are more loyal than Hanna Andersson. Designed to last, their organic cotton clothing is as bright and playful as it is durable and well made. All products are made without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and have no genetically modified organisms.


7. Olen Organic

Best For | Sustainable unisex toddler clothing
Price | $$$

This Scandinavian-inspired company offers modern and unisex designs made from soft and sustainable fabrics. Every piece of apparel is produced in small batches where workers are paid living wages and a portion of their sales is donating to help fight for paid parental leave in the United States.


8. Colored Organics

Best For | Organic activewear for boys & girls
Price | $$$

Environmental responsibility is only part of any fabric’s footprint. Colored Organics clothing is not only organic but it is also exclusively produced without child labor. Furthermore every purchase from their wide ranging collection of aptly named colorful clothing helps to support homeless children through charity partnerships.

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