9 Reasons Why Hemp Clothing Isn’t Just a Statement

It’s an all too common story in the world of hemp and cannabis in general. The misunderstanding and stigma surrounding all cannabis-related products lead to some mostly false, and sometimes pretty silly, conclusions. It isn’t unusual, even in today’s more hemp progressive society, for people to mistake things like hemp clothing as a wearable form of psychedelic drugs. (i.e. Please don’t smoke your shirt.) Aside from the fact that hemp and marijuana are two different things, it completely misses the point of hemp-based products entirely.

Hemp clothing has a number of advantages, from its quality as a material to its helpful impact on the environment. It isn’t a product exclusively for hardcore marijuana enthusiasts or radical fashion expressions. In fact, there are some pretty good reasons for almost everyone to take an interest in what they offer.

A History Of Clothing & Cannabis

As a textile, the use of cannabis-made materials dates back thousands of years and spans through cultures from all across the globe. Hemp materials are so useful, in fact, that they’ve often been commissioned by governments and monarchs for use in military equipment and other important endeavors. There are pages and pages one could write about all the different products hemp has been used for, but for now, we’ll stick with one in particular.

Given the long history of cannabis and its cultivation by humans, it’s hard to say for sure when the first piece of ‘true clothing’ was first made. Hemp fibers found in England have been dated as far back as 800AD, whereas in other parts of the world it has been found to be as old as 8,000 to 10,000 years. As a hardy crop capable of growing in even the most difficult climates, it’s no surprise it’s such a widespread crop. Given its usefulness and durability as a textile, hemp fiber has been used almost as long as society itself has existed.

Up until the prohibition of cannabis around the start of the 20th century, hemp clothing and other textiles were nearly as common as cotton. The abundant nature of hemp clothing is no surprise, given its many useful and functional benefits, as we’ll see.

9 Reasons Hemp Clothing Is Awesome

1. Strong & Sturdy Material

Hemp fibers are long-lasting and durable enough to outlive almost anything you’d find in your local mega-mall. They’re actually ten times stronger than cotton, which means you aren’t going to get holes in your shirts so easily. They make a great choice for outdoor wear and casual wear alike.


2. Naturally Porous

Thanks to their natural, sponge-like consistency, clothing made from hemp fibers allow your skin to breathe more easily. It also makes them mildew resistant while softening with age. This is good news for your skin since hemp clothes not only feel better, but they’re also UV resistant, helping to keep your skin cool and healthy.


3. Leaves Minimal Footprint

Apart from being possible to grow nearly everywhere in the world, hemp actually needs a relatively small amount of space to thrive. With only half the acreage of cotton, hemp plants can produce three times as many fibers. It’s an efficient use of space that allows more room for nature to do its thing.


4. Saves Water

While cotton and other crops require significant amounts of water and irrigation, hemp’s needs are far less demanding. In some parts of the world, it can grow exclusively with water collected from rainfall. Saving that much water can seriously add up, especially in drier areas where it’s particularly needed.


5. Chemical Free

The sturdy nature of hemp plants cannot be overstated. It doesn’t just grow like weeds, it actually crowds them out and grows faster. That, and it doesn’t require any herbicides or pesticides to flourish. Chemical-free crops mean less pollution in lakes and rivers, as well as cleaner soils in which future generations of plants can sprout.


6. Soil Replenisher

Speaking of cleaner soils, hemp plants are good for preserving topsoil from erosion. Their deep root systems find moisture further beneath the surface than other crops, allowing the topsoil to remain fresher and moister. This reduces the need for crop rotation and allows farmers to reuse the same soil for years without depleting it.


7. Nothing Wasted

When hemp is made into fiber, no part of the plant goes to waste. While every bit of the stalk can be used for fiber, the seeds can be used for oils, supplements, and other hemp products. No waste means getting the most out of what we’re given from the environment and throwing none of it away.


8. Incredibly Versatile

Hemp fibers can be interwoven with other materials if desired for additional style or comfort. This allows hemp clothing to be created in an abundance of shapes and styles to suit a variety of personal tastes. It also helps to make clothing more durable without sacrificing the comfort of other materials.


9. It Wears Well

Not only is hemp durable, but it holds its shape remarkably well. It absorbs dye wonderfully and even resists fading. Since it softens from washing, hemp fibers actually grow more comfortable over time rather than drying out or getting stiff. When something looks and feels as good as hemp fiber does, there’s reason enough for anyone to wear it.


Organic High-Quality Hemp Products

With so much to love about hemp clothing and other cannabis-related products, we believe there’s a place for cannabis in the lives of almost anyone. Whether it’s quality clothing, beauty and skin care needs, better health and wellness, or a simple improvement in the quality of one’s mood; hemp-products have the potential to make an impact on the lives of people and the environment for the better.

At CannaBiz Depot, we offer a variety of cannabis-related products from CBD to hemp clothing, accessories, and more. We believe hemp products should be affordable and beneficial for the whole community. That’s why we’re proud to be a part of the community in La Crosse as well as the retail hemp industry across the country. Visit us here to learn more about us and take a look at the many affordable products we offer.

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