Benefits of Using Bamboo Fiber Clothing

Not everyone is aware of the countless uses of bamboo, however, Asians have been using it for centuries for a variety of reasons, including the making of kitchen tools, construction materials (as ornamental or primary building element), different medicines and clothing. It was only recently that their eco-friendly solution had reached Australia. Bamboo usually grows in places with tropical climate, such as the north-west side of Australia. It started to get mass-produced there in 2002, when farmers planted 400 hectors in a year. So with such an abundant supply of bamboo, the industries of textile manufacturing started producing quality textiles purely made from it and now we have bamboo textiles Australia origin.

Reasons to Turn to Bamboo

Ready, Steady, Grow!

This plant is simply a green-thumbs dream. It is the fastest growing plant in the world, with some species growing 120cm per day. Once cut, it can replenish and grow again in a year’s time. It is self sustainable, it doesn’t need fertiliser nor pesticide, thus making it superior to cotton.

Nature Found a Friend in Bamboo

Apart from the fact that bamboo doesn’t require chemicals in order to grow safely, it also doesn’t require a great amount of water – features that make it a super-plant. Bamboo also purifies the air twice as much in comparison with cotton. To make a single cotton t-shirt you would need 2700 litters of water during the growth process. What’s more, bamboo textiles are completely biodegradable, which means once you’ve worn out your clothing, you can dispose of it with a piece of mind, knowing that it will return to the earth from which it once came from.

The Making of Bamboo Fiber

To make high-quality bamboo fiber, the bamboo must undergo a process which includes sodium hydroxide, to break down the hard bamboo. Broken down bamboo is used to produce cellulose.
There are concerns of sodium hydroxide being used in this process but it is the best we have as of now, we can hope that in the future bamboo fiber will be 100% eco-friendly. When experts compared bamboo fiber to cotton, it was discovered that it’s more durable, softer and even more absorbent. This rendered bamboo textiles Australia better quality wise when compared to the western products.

Some Other Facts You Might Want to Know

Soft as clouds – With bamboo, you can wrap yourself in loving comfort as never before.

No itchy sweaters – Bamboo fiber doesn’t irritate the skin, thus it makes for the perfect winter sweater, just like those made from your granny.

Radiation protection – This fiber is naturally UV protective, so it keeps your skin safe.

Thermoregulating – This means that it will keep you warm in winter and cold in summer.

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