The Many Benefits of Bamboo Textile

Introduction There are so many benefits of bamboo textile. From environmental benefits to an amazing body sensation after bathing. In this post we explore the many benefits of Bamboo Textile compared to cotton. The fresh water paradox You know it takes more than 5,283 gallons of (fresh) water to produce 2.2 pound of cotton? According to WWF, about 20 millionRead More

How has hemp refined the slow fashion movement

Current fashion trends Fashion is an integral part of our life but in our quest for more and more, we are overlooking the consequences of our action on the environment. Unfortunately, all of the environmental concerns are either caused by or contribute to, the ever-increasing consumption of goods and services. Fast fashion has become theRead More

Benefits of Using Bamboo Fiber Clothing

Not everyone is aware of the countless uses of bamboo, however, Asians have been using it for centuries for a variety of reasons, including the making of kitchen tools, construction materials (as ornamental or primary building element), different medicines and clothing. It was only recently that their eco-friendly solution had reached Australia. Bamboo usually grows in places withRead More